Company Profile

Nimegeers Carlson Law Firm distinguishes itself in that we emphasize person-to-person, hands on service to our clients. This means that you really do see a lawyer when you seek legal services. Your personal and telephone attendance's will be with your lawyer and when you call you will not be speaking to a recorder or voice mail. We also strive to meet our client's particular needs such as attending at our client's home when circumstances require.

Our firm is also unique in that we are a family firm. This is a father-daughter partnership and we work as a team to help find solutions for our clients. In addition, we are closely associated with an accounting firm (Muriel Nimegeers & Associates). Accordingly we offer a broad range of closely collaborated legal and accounting advice.

It is our underlying philosophy that lawyers should be partners with their clients in legal decision-making but that clients should remain in control and understand their affairs. We strive, where possible, to avoid structures, documents or systems that make it more difficult for people to remain in control and understand their own operations. We utilize plain language documents to help clients understand their own paper. We also attempt to find innovative ways to prevent and resolve disputes so as to avoid, as far as is possible, protracted litigation through our court system.

History of the Firm

Nimegeers Law Firm was established in 1998 and became Nimegeers Carlson Law Firm when Carla Carlson joined the partnership in 2003. However, the firm has deep and longstanding roots in the City of Swift Current. Clifford Nimegeers commenced practicing in Swift Current in 1966 with the firm of Roth, Grant, Orr & Hanna and has been practicing continuously in the City of Swift Current and surrounding area since that time. Carla Carlson was born in the City of Swift Current, attending school at St. Patrick's Elementary, O.M. Irwin, and completed her grade 12 at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. Both Clifford Nimegeers and Carla Carlson have property interests in the City and R.M. of Swift Current.